Friday, July 21, 2017

JRINK Juicery Releases First-of-Its-Kind U.S. Product

From our friends at JRINK...

JRINK Yourself Beautiful, from the Inside Out

JRINK introduces a new line of “restorative waters,” infused with collagen and probiotics

JRINK - the DMV’s leading cold-pressed juicery and lifestyle brand - is combining health with beauty, with the debut of “restorative waters,” containing superfood ingredients such as collagen, chlorophyll, and probiotics. These functional waters focus not only on gut health, but skin and hair health, making one feel beautiful from the inside out. This new line is the first of its kind in the US, and exclusively available now in the DMV area.

There are 4 different flavors - Glow, Relax, Detox, and Nourish - each with a unique purpose and bright pop of color. Glow, focusing on skin health, containing 100% pure rose, collagen, and alkaline water. Relax, focusing on stress relief, containing 100% pure lavender, lemon, and alkaline water. Detox, focusing on gut health, containing chlorophyll, mint, probiotic acidophilus, and alkaline water. Finally, Nourish, which includes blue pea flower, collagen, and alkaline water.

The new line of restorative waters are available online for delivery, as well as at their 5 locations in the DMV area - Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Clarendon, and the most recently opened store on 14th Street. Individuals can buy each flavor individually, or as a 4-pack aka “Hydration Essentials” at $19. The move into functional waters solidifies JRINK as a lifestyle brand, aka as “the fresh-pressed solution for life-pressed people.”

Previously available through online delivery and for pick-up at JRINK’s five existing retail spaces, the brand has helped many people - of varying levels of health and fitness - sustain healthy, active lifestyles by offering juices that act as healthy supplements for traditional meals in a convenient way. Each JRINK juice flavor (ranging from $9-$10 each or $155 for a full, three-day reboot) contains up to five pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and had lead JRINK to become a lifestyle brand where customers can incorporate JRINK juices - which are completely free of added sugar, preservatives and chemicals - into their daily diet at their own pace and reap health benefits from the inside out.

JRINK was founded in June 2013 by Shizu Okusa and Jennifer Ngai, when these two former financiers decided it was time to disrupt the juicing world and create a lifestyle brand to change the way people think about health. By expanding its offerings and creating an accessible and welcoming atmosphere, JRINK’s customer base has evolved from the serious health-conscious yogi to anyone looking to live a healthy life.

Headquartered in the DMV, JRINK is the area’s leading cold-pressed juicery. A progressive, all natural, fast-casual concept, JRINK is health in a bottle. With online home delivery and 5 locations (Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Adams Morgan, 14th Street, and Clarendon, VA), JRINK is transforming the juicing concept into an attainable lifestyle that all people can enjoy to maintain a healthy regime. For more information, please visit