Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The School for Lies Theatre Review

Cody Nickell stars in The School for Lies

A Sea of Lies

David Ives and Michael Kahn strike again! The School for Lies, based on Molière's The Misanthrope ends The Shakespeare Company's 2016-17 season with a 90-minute laugh-out-loud-athon. Ives manages to makes poetry fun again, part blue blood banter, part Wild 'n Out. Not exactly a match made in Theatrical Heaven, but hilarious all the same. Credit a superb cast, led by Victoria Frings (Celimene) Gregory Wooddell (Frank) and scene-stealer Cody Nickell (Philinte) who toss verbal grenades (along with knowing winks) at each other all night. The production literally flies by, and is surprisingly easy to follow (despite the aforementioned poetry/verse.)

202 Words or Less

Alexander Dodge's vibrant/whimsical set resembles an exhibit at the MoMA, and provides a brilliant backdrop for 17th century aristocrats with a disdain for canapés and telling the truth. Hands down, the best set I've seen this year. Not to be outdone, Murell Horton's playful, sometimes outrageous costume design, which matches the characters and set perfectly. The School for Lies proves timely (President Trump, need I say more?) with lots of laughs, a strong supporting cast (particularly Veanne Cox & Michael Glenn) and trenchant one-liners with modern twists, ("You're giving me the jimjams!") A comedy of manners that matters... and entertains. Sold.


The School for Lies runs 90 minutes with no intermission, now through July 9 at the Lansburgh Theatre (450 7th Street, NW.) Tickets cost $44-$118, and are available for purchase online or by calling (202) 547-1122.