Sunday, June 4, 2017

#HashtagHolidays Every Day at The Daily Dish

From our friends at The Daily Dish...

Hashtag Holidays Every Day

The Daily Dish proudly tags #roseandroverdaily

Among the 21st Century's most arguably annoying phenomena is the “hashtag holiday.” Whether it’s #nationalchickenwingday or #nationalcookiesandmilkmonth, there seems to be a social media ‘holiday' daily. There has yet to be a Monday holiday or Federal proclamation attached to any of these. One might call it #fakeholiday.

At The Daily Dish in Silver Spring, Maryland, owners Zena Polin and Jerry Hollinger refuse to be limited to a daily hashtag. Why can’t every day be a holiday with some real spirit in it? To this end, Polin and Hollinger have declared their very own hashtag holiday that is every day.

Introducing #roseandroverdaily. This everyday hashtag holiday features the all-American jumbo beef hot dog with Dijon mustard and crispy onions and its new significant other from the Northwest, a bottle of Argyle Rosé sparkling wine. At $75, it’s an #allAmericanvalue. They can be devoured with an actual “Rover” on the patio or inside the restaurant with just the one on the roll. What could be better than hot dogs and bubbles?

Argyle Sparkling Rosé Wine is a bright, pale salmon pink with a bouquet full of rose petal, strawberry hull, and lemon zest. The barrel aging of the red wine component contributes to its savory complexity, while its delicate, creamy bead leads to a long textural finish. The jumbo hot dogs are all-beef and grilled to perfection.

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