Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ledo Pizza Food Review II

Create Your Own Pizza with Sausage & Red Onions

It's been over four years since my last visit to/from Ledo Pizza. A once bi-monthly pilgrimage, fond memories had since been replaced by disappointment (yucky burger leaps to mind.) Time to rectify the situation. Pizza delivery.

Grubhub handled the delivery superbly, and with a bonus (courtesy of $7 coupon off your first order ($15 minimum.) Order placed at 7:25 PM, with an estimated delivery time of 8:10 - 8:20. Considering Ledo is located almost 2½ miles away, less than an hour (on a Friday night) is pretty good. To my surprise, the order arrived at 7:58 PM, a mere 33 minutes after ordering, and 12-22 minutes ahead of schedule. Everything was packaged safe & sound (in separate cardboard containers.) My lone complaint? The driver called me from inside his car (versus my front door) which meant having to go out to Connecticut Avenue, to his car to pick up my food. A minor hiccup, but it drops the delivery score from a perfect 10 to a nine. Still sterling.

French Fries

In regards to price, you'd be hard pressed to find better. French Fries cost $1.59, Ledo Breadsticks $1.99 and Garlic Bread only $2.49. Even the 14" Create Your Own Pizza was affordable... $12.49 with two toppings (sausage & red onions.) And don't forget the aforementioned $7 discount on top of that. Value = A.

Grubhub delivery

Taste? Some good, some not so good, and a terrific pizza. The Fries were bordering on flimsy, but skin-on and tasty. I didn't notice any seasoning, but that's what NoSalt is for. They disappeared quickly, which counts for something everything? Fries = a solid B.

Ledo Breadsticks

On the other hand, the extra bread was a bad idea. Breadsticks were doughy and underdone, but nicely paired with Ledo's zesty marinara sauce. Take away the sauce, and they were practically inedible. The Garlic Bread looked appetizing, but wrapping them in aluminum foil may have kept them fresher. End result? Doughy, almost stale. Breadsticks & Garlic Bread = D-.

Garlic Bread

Thankfully, all was forgiven after opening the pizza box. Everyone knows, you save the best for last, and Ledo didn't disappoint. I must admit... the pie looked slightly underdone (minimal char on the base) but it made no difference. It was absolutely delicious. The crust was sublime, buttery and crispy (a hard combo to find) with Ledo's always-divine sausage and top notch cheese. Better still, it tasted great cold (an hour later.) As I write this, there's half a pie left in my refrigerator. Odds are, it won't be there tonight. This is the pizza that won my heart many moons ago. Great to have it back! Pizza = A.

So as you can see, a bit of a mixed bag, but the three most important categories... Pizza, delivery and value? Almost perfect. Next time, I'll skip the bread and move up to 18" pie. Happy days are here again.