Thursday, May 11, 2017

All About Burger Food Review

Single Hamburger

Some marriages work, and some don't. The owners of Z-Burger had a (legal) divorce early last year, and the founders went their separate ways. Peter" Tabiban kept the Z-Burger name, while co-founders Mohammad & Ebrahim Esfahani rebranded several locations as All About Burger. The crown jewel (Z-Burger at Tenleytown) remains one of our favorites. This was my first visit to the "other side" since the split. Sadly, odds are, it will also be my last.

To be fair, this location was never much to look at; but aside from a name change, it looks (and tastes) exactly the same. If this were Tenleytown, that would be a positive. For Glover Park, not so much.

Ambiance: This particular stretch of sidewalk is a tight fit, and that extends inside the restaurant as well. There's room in front, but the row of seats towards the back is narrow and uncomfortable. Even worse, no foot rests (or bars) for the stools by the window and the back. Unless you're 7' tall, don't even bother. Still, that pales in comparison to the sticky tables and trash (all about) on the floor. The music (Tim McGraw, Chris Stapleton) is fine, but the whole space is crying for a refurbishment.

Cajun Fries

Food: The Single Hamburger ($4.79 with ketchup & raw onions) was dry as a bone. It has a great bun however, but dry meat is dry meat. Cajun Fries were much better, and a steal-of-a-deal at $2.79 for a small. They come in a bag, overflowing (to my delight.) Plenty of seasoning, and ├╝ber-affordable. Darn close to an A-.

Service: The cashier was in training, but didn't speak a word. His trainer? Barely a dozen. You simply have to communicate, if you want to work at the front of house. One positive? The trainer brought my order in a bag to my table. The bad news. Nobody asked me if I was dining in, or out. As it turns out, I was eating in.

Overall: Bad burger. Good fries, and lousy ambiance. Glover Park is a nice neighborhood: All About Burger needs to spend a few dollars on the inside of house (and hopefully an employee or two with some energy and a smile.)