Sunday, April 30, 2017

George's King of Falafel & Cheesesteak Food Review

Falafel Sandwich

First the good news, Postmates handled the delivery perfectly. Order in at 3:23 PM. Estimated delivery time? 4:00 PM. Arrival? Direct to my apartment door, 4 o'clock sharp. Impressive. Now on to the food... unfortunatelyGeorge's King of Falafel & Cheesesteak is located in Georgetown (just under three miles away) so I wasn't expecting fresh & hot. I was however, looking for flavor. Color me disappointed on all fronts.

My order consisted of two sandwiches (Falafel and a Lamb Gyro, priced at $6.50 & $6.95 respectively) and a side of French Fries ($2.50.) Combined with free delivery, courtesy of Postmates (normally $3.99) I was on the hook for $19.31 + a $3 cash tip. No complaints re: pricing. I went for the fries first, and they were (predictably) soggy, but plentiful. Temperature-wise... barely warm, leaning towards cold. I could handle that, but a lack of seasoning? That's a deal breaker. There weren't salted at all, only dusted with a generic, paprika-colored seasoning, that tasted of nothing. Love the price (and generous quantity) but why not splurge a little with a salt shaker?

Sadly, the fries were the best part of my late lunch. The Lamb Gyro was downright awful. For starters, I asked for yogurt sauce on the side, but there it was... smothered throughout the sandwich. The pita bread had broken apart, along the base, which made a messy pita even messier. Way too much lettuce, not enough tomatoes, and the lamb? Undercooked and under-seasoned. Marinated my a@!. I suffered through three tiny bites, before tossing the rest away.

Postmates Delivery

The Falafel Sandwich was only slightly better. Same pita, only with pickled turnips this time around, a more reasonable amount of lettuce and one lousy sliver of a tomato slice. Three pieces of fried falafel? If you say so, but I doubt it... so much so, I opened it up for another photo. Looks more like ground falafel to me, and not much of it. I finished four bites of this one, none of which I'd call memorable. P.S. No flavor in this sandwich either. Good grief.

Where's the beef falafel?

I ate here twice before, and let's just say... it's not the kind of place you visit before midnight. Perhaps you can get away with bland, uninspired food at 2 AM on a Saturday night, but in the light of day... forget about it. It takes balls to call yourself the King of anything; but this kingdom doesn't seem to be worth the foil it's wrapped in. Pass.

Lamb Gyro

Delivery: A (Perfect... and free!)
Falafel S'wich: D- (I can understand smashed falafel, but just how small were they to start with?)
Fries: C- (No salt = no taste. Toss in cold/flimsy, and I think a C- is generous.)
Gyro: F (I wouldn't feed this lamb to a dog. Shameful.)
Value: F (The price is right, but a total of seven bites (for two sandwiches) doesn't represent good value.)
Overall: D- (Take away Postmates, and there's nothing positive to report.)

French Fries