Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cherry Blossom Defrost at The Watergate Hotel

From our friends at The Watergate Hotel...

The Watergate Hotel is offering up themed cocktail and dessert specials along with a little pampering from the hotel’s upscale spa and wellness center, Argentta Spa.

Special F&B offerings include:

Foie smoked in cherry blossom, walnut, cherry, white asparagus

The Watergate Blossom cocktail
- 1.5 oz. Plymouth Gin
- 75 oz. Lemon juice
- .75 oz. Egg whites
- .50 oz. Cherry Liquor
- .50 oz. Cherry vanilla Syrup

Special spa offerings from Argentta include:

Cherry-On-Top Manicure
- Deeply hydrate, delicately scent and release tension in hands and arms with cherry blossom ritual for the hands. Release stress in the hands while leaving the skin soft as silk. 25 minutes $45

Cherry-On-Top Pedicure
- Intensely smooth, increase circulation and release tension in lower legs and toes with red flower’s cherry blossom ritual for the feet and toes. Awaken energy in the whole body by stimulating meridians in the legs while leaving the skin soft as silk. 35 minutes $55

Cherry Blossom Renewal Facial
- Customized luxury cellular treatment designed for intense revitalization, anti-age prevention and skin complexion enhancement. Specifically adapted to the physiological age and sensitivity of the skin. Immerse your senses into spring with an addition of silky cherry blossoms to your hands and feet! 90 minutes $240

Wild Cherry Blossom Silk Body Wrap
- Soften deeply with cherry blossom rice. recognized as one of the world's most gentle exfoliants, naturally trigger the moisture in your skin as you gently remove unwanted dryness with a blend of rice bran enzymes, amino fatty acids and the heavenly scent of cherry blossom, leaving your delicate skin soft and supple to the touch. seal with silk. 60 minutes $160

Hydrating Cherry Blossom Body Ritual
- A vigorous exfoliation with warming ginger-grass and bamboo releases vital energy throughout the body. a unique tapotement technique using organic rice bran scented with cherry blossoms releases muscle tension before a wrap for deep softness. a balancing facial massage with rose, aloe and avocado evens skin tone and promotes the production of collagen. awaken and be purified with yuzu mimosa sea algae and anti-oxidant rich rose camellia mist. the whole body is stretched and hydrated in a shiatsu-inspired massage with wild lime silk oil and softness is protected with an application of plum blossom and silk cream. 90 minutes $265