Monday, March 6, 2017

Cherry Blossom Cocktails at Bar Dupont

Bar Dupont's I Shochu Chu Choose You

From our friends at Bar Dupont...

DC’s cherry blossom festival is as much of a celebration of Japan’s natural beauty and diplomacy with the United States, as it is the signs of the arrival of Spring to the District. Yearly, Bar Dupont celebrates the beginning of spring with a series of cocktails for both Cherry Blossom Festival visitors and DC locals to enjoy. Below are descriptions of each of the three cocktails that will be offered from March 20 - April 30.

I Shochu Chu Choose You:
The traditional Japanese Chu-hai (Shochu + Highball) is a simple, but balanced combination of a clean shochu with juiced-to-order grapefruit. Here we throw in a twist, both figuratively and in garnish, with the Spanish flavors of oloroso sherry, sweet potato shochu, and green tea.

Isla de La Juventud:
The Isla de la Juventud combines tiki influenced flavors in a variation of the classic Japanese Cocktail - calling back to the Cuban “island of youth” where a population of Japanese immigrants have called home for decades.

Isla de La Juventud

Beyond incorporating the healthful benefits of matcha tea in a refreshing house-made soda, the Rickey-san pays tribute to Washington DC’s official cocktail with the addition of gin, yuzu and lime juices into a year-round sipper.

The Rickey-San

Stillwater Extra Dry Combo:
Combining more than just a beer and a shot whisky, here we have a Baltimore brewer producing a Japanese-style beer created with rice alongside, a no-frills Japanese whisky.

About Bar Dupont:
Located at 1500 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Bar Dupont at The Dupont Circle Hotel is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM to close, and Saturday through Sunday 10:30 AM to close.