Friday, February 10, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson (r) star in Fifty Shades Darker

No Rules, No Punishments

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) has broken off her relationship with the troubled Christian (Jamie Dornan) to pursue a new career in a Seattle publishing house. Directed by James Foley.

Anastasia says it best, "Last time was different." Fifty Shades Darker takes place only two weeks after the original; but a lot can happen in a short amount of time. How else do you explain the transition from "kinky fuckery" to breakfast dates and (shudder) grocery shopping? Yawn. There's still plenty of sex, but it's already starting to feel (and look) like old-hat (Ben Wa balls notwithstanding.) Our screening was packed with boisterous female fans, who took to it like a fanboy to Star Wars... which made the 118 minutes fly by a bit faster. Glamorous, sexy and (very) silly.

Grade: C+