Monday, January 23, 2017

Robeks Fitness Resolution Smoothies Are Here to Help You Meet Fitness Goals

From our friends at Robeks...

Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies Helps You Get Ahead of Your Goals with Three Special New Smoothies

Now is a great time for making important choices to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies is here to make those choices easier with three new nutritious and delicious Fitness Resolution Smoothies, each focused around helping guests with their fitness goals. The new offerings are only available through March 19, so hurry in and enjoy them while they last!

The Fitness Resolution Smoothies include the Nuts About Protein™ Smoothie, Berry Reboot™ Smoothie and Lean Green™ Smoothie. “Each one carries its own individual personality,” said Robeks Director of Marketing Matt Furman. “Not everybody’s health and fitness goals are the same, so we’re offering some diversity to fit different needs.”

Nuts About Protein™ Smoothie:
A perfect way to be inspired, not tired. Our workout smoothie is packed with the protein of creamy peanut butter, coffee and hints of cinnamon.

Berry Reboot™ Smoothie:
Part of meeting your fitness goals is meeting your nutritional goals, so replenish with the antioxidant goodness of fresh blueberries and spinach. Think of it as your post-workout punch.

Lean Green™ Bowl:
When you’ve earned a hydration break, make it a refreshingly healthy one, crafted from crisp cucumber and spinach. Low in sugar and calories, but high in enjoyment.

Although these are limited-time offers, they fit right in with the diverse, nutritious offerings on the menu of Robeks’ healthy smoothie franchise.

“These offerings get to the core of Robeks being a healthier alternative in our segment,” said Furman. “They’ve been engineered to be higher in protein and lower in sugar than even our other offerings; the Berry Reboot™ Smoothie and Lean Green™ Smoothie are each under 250 calories for a medium. We’re really proud of all our products and how they can help our guests meet their fitness goals.”

At Robeks, menu items feature premium ingredients - naturally ripened fruits and vegetables that retain nutrients, live enzymes and natural flavor. They are always made fresh-to-order while the guest watches.

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