Friday, January 27, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie Review

Milla Jovovich stars in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The End of (Her) Story

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: The human race's last hope against apocalyptic obliteration is super soldier Alice (Milla Jovovich), but she's been stripped of her psychic powers. She must form alliances and rally survivors in Raccoon City for the climactic battle against the Umbrella Corporation and its ravenous hordes of the undead. This sixth installment of the video game-inspired franchise is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (AVP: Alien vs. Predator).

"All this can end?" If (only) wishing made it so. Alice returns (chapter six, if you're counting) to do battle with the Umbrella Corporation and an endless array of clones and undead. Truth be told, it's hard to remember what made this franchise so compelling in the first place, yet alone worthy of five sequels. Jovovich looks exhausted throughout; but at least now, she can get back to some real acting. If you like mindless (admittedly well-shot) action sequences, cheesy dialogue and predictable twists, you won't be disappointed. Otherwise, stay way clear, and hope/pray this virus is finally cured.

Grade: D-