Thursday, December 29, 2016

Five Guys Bethesda Food Review

Hamburger & Cajun-Style Fries

I must admit: I haven't been to Five Guys in a long time. Perhaps that's what happens when you close not one, but two popular DC locations (Dupont Circle, Georgetown.) Regardless, it only takes the simple act of opening a bag (details below) to reignite my Hamburglar-like passions.

This was my first visit to Five Guys' downtown Bethesda location. The space is surprisingly spacious (especially between tables) and well-lit, with an energetic soundtrack (Stone Temple Pilots, ZZ Top) and a pair of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines dead center in the room.

Ordering was a breeze and affordable ($6.99 for a double Hamburger, and $3.09 for a Little Cajun-Style Fries.) Courtesy cup of water? No problem. Endless/free peanuts in a shell? Still around (thank goodness.) Tables were clean, although a quick visit to the men's restroom unveiled a broken toilet seat (not good.)

My order was ready quickly, and "comfy" as always (aluminum foil, paper bag/napkins.) Fries were soft and warm. Not too salty (kudos) and less greasy than usual. Best of all, there were tons of 'em (bag overflow = genius.)

As for the burger... not so great. It was a little dry (overcooked?) and relatively light on flavor (where's the beef salt?) To its credit, it was easy to eat (soft bun) and handle (not too big, not too messy.) Toppings (ketchup, onions) were spot-on and tasty. Not terrible, mind you... but room for improvement.

Overall, it's nice to be back. Five Guys remains a great value, with cozy surroundings and fast, friendly service. It's worth visiting for the overflow fries alone, and great location (smack dab in the middle of downtown Bethesda.)

Atmosphere: B (One of the nicer looking Five Guys locations)
Burger: B- (A little overdone, and light on flavor)
Fries: B+ (Best part of my meal)
Service: B+ (Fast and friendly)
Value: B
Overall: B (Good to be back)