Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Z-Burger Food Review III

8" Chicken Philly Cheesesteak (sans cheese)

Although I don't get to revisit as much as I'd like love to, Z-Burger remains one of my favorite fast casual burger joints for three primary reasons... Consistency, food quality and friendly service. Sounds simple enough, but it isn't (cough, Five Guys.) It starts with familiar faces behind the counter (Josif rocks!) then the kitchen (where the magic happens) before ending with an inevitable carry-out bag (seemingly endless food.)

Last Saturday's late lunch was no exception. A giant Chicken Philly Cheesesteak (sans cheese, of course) with a literal bagful of Z-style Fries + a courtesy cup of water, for just under $13 total. Ordering was a breeze (per usual) and in just over five minutes, I was chowing down on a meal for two, but priced for one. Z-Burger gives away more fries than anybody (including arch rival Five Guys) and they're really, really good to boot. My order (see photo below) was a Small size for $2.79. Take a look at the aforementioned photo... The cup literally overfloweth with spud-rific goodness.

(Lots and lots of) Fries

As for the sandwich, it may not rival Geno's or Pat's, but Z-Burger pours a lot of well-seasoned meat (chicken, this time around) in between 8" of soft, tasty bread with lettuce & tomatoes for days. I love Z-Burgers Hamburgers; but their chicken is almost as good. Nice & tender, with a healthy kick of spice. The kitchen cuts it in half, which makes it extra easy to share (or better yet, take home for later.)

Arriving after 2 PM on a weekend, makes finding a seat a heck of a lot easier than during the weekday lunch and dinner rushes. Despite drawing a lot of young diners (AU, Wilson, etc.) the restaurant space (inside & out) is always clean & tidy. Owner Peter Tabibian happened to be there (imagine that, an owner who hangs around his own restaurant) which tells me someone (at the top) cares. That's important, noticeable and greatly appreciated. And no, I'm not just saying that because we share the same first name (but it probably doesn't hurt.)

At a time when others (cough, Five Guys) seem to be cutting back on portion sizes (particularly their French fries) it's nice to get a little extra at Z-Burger, in addition to its many other positives.