Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ShopHouse Launches New Crispy Spring Rolls

From our friends at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen...

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen just announced the launch of its new Crispy Spring Rolls at all DC-area restaurants.

This brand-new dish consists of two Crispy Spring Rolls for $3.25, filled with chicken, fresh vegetables and glass noodles, served with a chili-lime dip. Crave-able and crunchy, Crispy Spring Rolls are a perfect accompaniment to ShopHouse's favorite gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free bowls or great as a snack by themselves.

About ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen:
ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen opened its first restaurant in 2011 in Washington, DC. ShopHouse draws on the unique flavors, ingredients and cooking methods of Southeast Asia, and takes its name from the mid-rise buildings prevalent throughout Southeast Asian cities where hard-working families live in apartments above the ground floor restaurants or markets that they operate. These shops serve as Asia’s version of fast food, with tiny kitchens turning out rice or noodle bowls laced with spicy sauces, marinated meats, and a flurry of herbs and vegetables. There are currently 14 ShopHouse locations in the Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago areas. For more information, please visit