Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bastille Offers SafeTrack Relief to Beleaguered Commutors

From our friends at Bastille Restaurant & Wine Bar...

Safe Track Specials

Bastille offers relief to beleaguered Metro riders

The Metro has been experiencing some hiccups lately. In order to make DC’s main mode of public transportation a somewhat safer place to be riding the rails, several temporary shutdowns have occurred or are coming. The next SafeTrack shutdown will occur from July 5-18, and will include the Braddock Road Metro, a major commuter thoroughfare. Traffic will inevitably be snarled; rush hour nightmares may ensue, tempers may be short.

Bastille, located at 606 N. Fayette Street, a scant two blocks from the Braddock Road Metro, offers relief for those affected by this upcoming transportation interruption. During the Braddock shutdown, the restaurant will offer 50% off the first appetizer, when guests show their SmarTrip card.

This is the perfect opportunity to relax a little after work and skip the rush hour hassle or reward oneself for braving the commute. From shrimp beignets with spicy guacamole to foie gras terrine and more, it’s the perfect, delicious respite from the SafeTrack commuter hassle.

Bastille is now open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 AM until 10 PM and Sunday 11:30 AM until 9 PM serving brunch, lunch, dinner and all day dining with cafĂ© and bar menu offered. The restaurant is located in The Asher at 606 N. Fayette Street in Alexandria, Virginia. For reservations and further information, please log into www.bastillerestaurant.com or call (703) 519-3776.