Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ArcLight Stories - "Jason Bourne"

From our friends at ArcLight Cinemas...

ArcLight is proud to announce the latest addition to its collection of ArcLight Stories with actor interviews for the upcoming film "Jason Bourne." The goal of ArcLight Stories is to enhance the experience for movie lovers. In-theater guests can choose to stay in their seats after a movie for an exclusive "ArcLight Story" after the credits. This time around, ArcLight sat down with Matt Damon and Oscar winner Alicia Vikander to discuss their roles in "Jason Bourne." Watch the clips below, and stay after the credits of the film to watch more of these exclusive interviews. More information can be found here! 

ArcLight Cinemas is dedicated to bringing guests the ultimate experience for movie-lovers. For more than a decade, ArcLight has been first in assigned seating, on-site dining, special programming, membership benefits and costume and art display, now with locations stretching from Los Angeles and Chicago to Bethesda.

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