Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Mayflower Hotel District Ballroom Unveiling Recap

The District Ballroom is Forever, a Capital Classic
by Haylee Grey Pearson (Contributing Editor)

Little explanation is needed when The Mayflower Hotel is a response to a question. As a DC staple, The Mayflower Hotel is a statement of romance, class, and history. Whether you’re a DC visitor or DMV resident fighting traffic on Connecticut, there's no denying that the landmark The Mayflower Hotel always catches your eye.
After 90 years of countless weddings and historical inaugural balls, you may wonder how The Mayflower Hotel could become even more enchanting. Ponder no more and pop the champagne, the District Ballroom has been revealed, and it's everything you would expect from an Autograph collection piece.

The District Ballroom is on the hotel’s lower level (below the main floor) which houses the already famous Grand Ballroom and Palm Court Room. The 4,352 square foot space is intimate enough for a 300 person wedding, but has an open floor plan that is multipurpose and suitable for any event.

The room itself is simple, but doesn’t dare to be understated. It has the blank canvas you would want out of any event space... the versatility to host a big fat Greek wedding on Saturday, and an AARP luncheon on Sunday.

What’s so impressive about the District Ballroom is how comfortably it found its niche with the rest of the Mayflower Hotel. In the Capital City, there is always a drive for the next new fad to draw in an untapped market of millennials with just enough disposable income to pay $16 for a vodka soda. The Mayflower succeeds in doing nothing. Nothing but staying true to their brand - no booshie drinks, no DJ from Brooklyn. You find mystery and charm in a room that truly is... forever a capital classic.