Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dénia Pop Up Returns to Slate-Authentic Dishes of Valencia Spain

From our friends at Slate Wine Bar + Bistro...

Back by Popular Demand, Slate Presents a Denía Garden Pop-Up

Authentic dishes from Valencia, Spain

On April 20th  and 21st from 5-10 PM, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro again presents its Denía Garden pop-up. Slate’s Chef/Sommelier, Danny Lledó’s tribute to his family’s homeland in the town of Denía in Valencia, Spain. Denía has been named among the top gastronomic areas in Spain, second only to San Sebastian. The menu features authentic dishes this destination city in Spain. Denía is especially known for its gastronomy. The local cuisine is typically that of the Costa Blanca, which combines delicacies from both land and the Mediterranean Sea. The Costa Blanca is rich in fish, especially the red shrimp of Denía, vegetables, olive oil, rice and fruit, and the area is known for such its Paella Valenciana, Arrós a banda, and when rice dishes create Socarat (the rice that gets richly flavorful and crunchy when it forms in the bottom of the pan.) The menu will also feature a variety of Spanish wines to pair perfectly with the dishes of the city of Denía in Valencia.

The menu will include a variety of authentic paella and rice dishes, seafood, meats and tapas that are native dishes of Denía. Tapas include Montaditos de formage de cabra i pan tomaca - Drunken goat cheese with fresh grated tomato on toasted bread; Montaditos de Pernil ibèric i pan tomaca - Serrano ham with fresh grated tomato on toasted bread; Montaditos de tortilla de pernil ibèric i carabasseta - Zucchini and serrano ham omelet on toasted bread; Montaditos de figatell de carranc i sépia - Crab and Cuttlefish cake on toasted bread; Montaditos de figatell de porc amb pa i aioli - Mini pork burger meat on toasted bread + aioli Ensaladilla marinera; Russian Olivier style salad with potatoes, tuna, shrimp + crab; Ensalada de tomaca i ceba - Tomato and onion salad; Ensalada de espinaques, taronges i ceba - Spinach and orange salad; Polp sec torrat - Chard dried octopus with olive oil and sea salt; Gambes estil de Dénia - Four Denía style head-on shrimp; Croquetes de pernil ibèric i bolets - Serrano ham and mushroom croquets; Xulet de corder amb salsa de romer i vin - Grilled lamb chop with rosemary red wine sauce.

Main courses include choices from land and sea with entrees including Paella de vegetals - Vegetable Paella w/ ‘Bomba’ Rice; Arròs a banda del senyoret - Tasty fish stock ‘Bomba’ rice dish with cuttlefish, shrimp + lobster; Paella Mixta - Paella with ‘Bomba’ Rice and vegetables, chicken, mussels and shrimp; Paella Valenciana - Official Valencian Paella with ‘Bomba’ Rice and vegetables, chicken and rabbit; Fideua de ànec i foie - Fideua noodle Paella with duck confit and foie gras; Xulletó de Dénia: tonyina a la planxa amb tomacat - Dénia´s veal chop: grilled tuna steak with “tomacat;” Xuletes de corder amb queridilles del pobre - Grilled lamb chops with poor man´s potatoes.

Sweets are also a priority, along with Spanish beers, wines and specialty cocktails which will also be on the menu during the pop up. Sweets include Arròs amb llet cremat (caramelized rice pudding); Profiterol, gelat de turró de Xixona i xocholat (house-made profiterol turrón ice cream and chocolate ganache) and Pastissets de Sant Josep (St. Joseph pastries with yam and arromas of anis.)

Slate’s wine list has over 170 reds, whites, rosés and bubbles from around the world, and seven or more flight choices daily. Chef/Sommelier Danny Lledó’s special Personal Cellar Selections, limited edition bottles from his own wine cellar are offered at minimal mark-up, allowing guests the option of tasting extraordinary vintages, and personal tastings are conducted monthly. Artisan and classic cocktails are also available, as well as a variety of beer.

Slate is located at 2404 Wisconsin Avenue, NW and is open for lunch, dinner and brunch Monday-Thursday 11:30 AM - 10 PM; Friday-Saturday, 11:30 AM - midnight; and Sunday, 11 AM - 9 PM. For further information and reservations, call (202) 333-4304 or log into