Friday, April 29, 2016

A Beautiful Planet Movie Review

NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren onboard the ISS (Photo: NASA)

A Room Space Station with a View

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: This documentary about humanity's relationship with Earth includes footage from the International Space Station (ISS.) Directed by Toni Myers. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence.

"It's a giant universe out there; but there's no place like Earth." Ditto. Words can't (properly) describe Myers' A Beautiful Planet; but with visuals this gorgeous, why even try? It begins as a 17,500 MPH trip in a "tiny metal cocoon," but once onboard the ISS, transcends into "organized bedlam." Luckily, this includes haircuts, milk & cookies (in the airlock) for Santa, and zero-g espresso (very cool.) Even cooler, aerial shots of hurricane/typhoon funnels & thunderstorms that left me gasping in awe. Lawrence's narration takes some getting used to; but how often do you find a view like this?

Grade: B