Monday, March 14, 2016

Red Bull Media House Signs Contract with Music Gateway

From our friends at Red Bull Media House...

Red Bull Media House Don’t Do Half Measures

Red Bull is is the 79th largest company on the planet (that’s a lot of energy cans sold
year on year). So when they do something, they tend not to hold back... the term
‘guns blazin’ springs to mind.

Those clever whizz kids over at Music Gateway have developed a perfect solution to
meet the needs of their new venture ‘Sounds of Red Bull’ (SORB.)

SORB is headed up by Head of Music Portfolio, Martin Brem who recently relocated
from Red Bull Media House's head office in Austria, hot scotching it over to the West
Coast and the heart of Hollywood.

Through the vision of their Music Services Manager, John Taylor, they commissioned
Music Gateway to develop some additional tools to their existing Private Network
solution, which fully meets the needs of their composers and internal music
supervision team.

Red Bull Media House became the latest high level client to back the online software
company as a necessary tool to help with their publishing conquests. The Private
Network Solution, founded by Jon Skinner, has cutting edge features such as timeline
audio feedback, unlimited file handling and storage options as well as tailored project
types which allow both specifically assigned and open submission style workers. With
the solution being flexible enough to cater for any sector of the industry, Music
Gateway are rapidly making a name for themselves as they continue to add
high-profile brands and companies to their roster.

The publishing giants were introduced to the Private Network Solution following their
charity branch Wings for Life using the Private Network to take on submissions for the
universal track to be played at their World Run during the 2016 event. Following
successful management and outcome from the project, the company have chosen to
make Music Gateway a permanent fixture for their companies runnings.

‘To make that step from being a good catalogue to being a great catalogue, not only
do you need top-draw composers but also a simple, effective and efficient
administrative foundation. In Music Gateway we know we’ve found a company who
can deliver a platform that will provide this foundation.’ John Taylor, Music Supervisor
- Red Bull Media House

The announcement comes at an abundant time for Music Gateway having recently
announced the launch of their new Playlist Feature and various successful campaigns.
The Playlist feature is designed as a presentation and pitching tool for labels,
supervisors, publishers, managers and independents to showcase albums, catalogues
and more.