Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dear President Obama, The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now Movie Review

Mark Ruffalo narrates (and stars in) Dear President Obama

Almost Heaven to Fracking Hell

Environmental Film Festival Plot: All across America, citizens suffer the manifold consequences of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, from the health threats of contaminations to the false promise of prosperity. Dear President Obama, The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now presents their grievances as a united front, bolstered by testimonies from scientists, economists, geologists, and whistle-blowers, in an effort to convince our current president and those who follow to join the nation’s growing “anti-fracking” majority. Directed and produced by Jon Bowermaster. Narrated and executive produced by Mark Ruffalo.

"More than 17 million (Americans) live within a mile of an oil or gas well." 17 million! Yikes. Bowermaster's documentary is an open letter to President Obama (and audiences) regarding the pitfalls of fracking. It's a sobering lesson (state by state) that corporations still rule America; but despite tons of evidence in its favor (including a fracking ban in New York) you'll likely leave the theater in a state of (rightful) despair. Ruffalo adds credibility (and a compelling voice) but one small victory (Vermont makes two) doesn't begin to balance almost two hours of hopelessness. Enlightening/informative... to a fault.

Grade: B-