Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Poses Special Challenges for Dog Waste Cleanup

DoodyCalls' founders Jacob & Susan D’Aniello

From our friends at DoodyCalls...

For many dog owners, cleaning up after their dogs during the cold winter months is a challenge, when yards often are wet, icy and often covered with snow. Then comes spring, and they are faced with the huge task of dealing with so many accumulated pet ‘contributions’ to their lawns.

Fortunately, a company called DoodyCalls, the first national pet waste management franchise of its kind, has teams of cleanup experts in DC, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland ready to do the job.

Of course pet waste is not the only part of making yards ready for warmer months, but it poses health risks for families to consider. Bacteria in dog droppings can be transmitted to kids. It also presents serious problems for area waters, especially streams and lakes.

Recent estimates have found that there are upwards of 84 million pooches living in the United States, and the EPA says the average dog discards approximately ¾ pounds of waste each day or up to 62.7 million pounds across the country. This adds up to a staggering 22.9 trillion pounds per year - the equivalent of 285,000 tractor trailers fully loaded to maximum weight capacity with dog poop. Line those big rigs up bumper to bumper and the caravan would stretch 4,050 miles; roughly the distance from NYC to LA, with enough trucks left over to wrap around and cover the distance from LA to Austin.

“Our crews are trained in all aspects of hygienic cleanup in order to reduce any health and environmental risks,” says DoodyCalls President Jacob D’Aniello. “We are professionals, and take this very seriously. Our mission is to make things safer for everyone, especially families with children.”

DoodyCalls provides homeowners and their communities with year-round professional pet waste removal services - making the world a happier and healthier place for people and pets.

For more information visit www.doodycalls.com.