Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine for a Homemade Romantic Dinner This Valentine’s Day

From our friends at the Boulder Crest Retreat...

According to the National Restaurant Association, roughly one quarter of all Americans are expected to dine out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While this may seem like a large number, it really means that the majority of people will dine at home creating their own romantic meal. The good news is that it’s even easier than most people realize to create a romantic dinner and ensure that it is paired with the right wine.

“Dining at home should be relaxing, less stressful, equally delicious, and definitely easier on the budget than a restaurant,” explains Ken Falke, chairman and founder of Boulder Crest Retreat. “With a little bit of planning, you can create an incredible romantic dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and have the perfect wine to go with it. Our Boulder Crest Retreat (BCR) Cabernet Sauvignon, a product of Tackitt Family Vineyards, is a favorite at romantic meals because it pairs so nicely with home cooking and tastes great. Regardless of the wine or meal you choose, remember the evening is most about the company.”

Wines vary in their sweetness, body, and acidity, making some pair better with particular dishes. Here are some tips for pairing wine for the perfect romantic dinner at home this Valentine’s Day:

Choose your menu. In order to pair your wine, you will have to first decide what you will be serving on this special evening. If there is a particular wine that you are focused on, then start there and create the rest of the menu around the wine. Consider light appetizers, such as serving cheese and wine before the meal.

Considering taste. Opt for a wine that pairs well with the main course, such as pairing our Boulder Crest Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon with a main course of pork, spicy Italian red sauce dishes, and barbecue. If you are serving a vegetable dish, fish, or chicken, then opt for a Sauvignon Blanc. Those serving steak for the special night will want to consider pairing it with a Merlot. Consider a Zinfandel if you will be serving barbecued chicken, pork, lamb, or even chocolate desserts. Be sure to have nice wine glasses ready to go, as well as the opener, so are not having to search for these items during the dinner.  All of these varietals are available from Tackitt Family Vineyards too.

Cheese, if you please. Serving cheeses with wine may be a bit more challenging. If it’s an aged cheese, then opt for a wine that is more complex and bold, while younger cheeses usually pair best with reds, crisp whites, and fruity wines. Goat cheese pair nicely with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Determine dessert. If you serve a dessert, you will want to opt for a wine that the taste balances out the sweetness of the dessert. For example, if you are serving a decadent dark chocolate cake or dessert, that would pair well with a Boulder Crest Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon, because the cake is rich, but not overly sweet. There is also the option of serving a dessert wine, which can round out the romantic evening perfectly.

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