Thursday, December 3, 2015

Start-Up Launching in DC Takes the Pain out of Shipping Big Items Like Furniture

From our friends at PockitShip...

PockitShip to Take the Pain Out of Shipping Big Items: New Company Delivers with Just a Few Clicks

Start-up company launching on-demand delivery service in DC area

PockitShip, a startup company based in Falls Church, Va., has launched a new on-demand pick-up and delivery service in the Washington, DC metro area. Using the PockitShip website ( anyone can ship heavy items like furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics in just a few simple steps.

“People have trouble when they find something great on Craigslist and then have to rent a truck or find a friend with a van or pickup truck to get it home. We’re changing all of that so it’s just a matter of a few clicks to ship something heavy,” said Garrett O’Shea, President and CMO of PockitShip. “We’re shaking up an antiquated industry with fresh technology, making it easier for anyone needing to ship large and heavy items.”

PockitShip is designed for heavy, bulky items, usually over 50 pounds, which are difficult to move. In just minutes, customers can use the website to get rate information and schedule a pick-up or delivery.

“Our goal is to take the hassle out of shipping heavy items and make it simple and affordable,” O’Shea said. “Our customers can rest easy knowing that we’re taking care of everything to ensure their item arrives safe and sound.”

Currently customers can arrange local shipments within the Washington, DC area. In later months, customers will be able to ship just about anything heavy and get it to or from anywhere in the country.

A PockitShip app is also in development and will launch in early 2016, making the service more on-demand. Similar to mobile apps we use to order a car ride, the PockitShip app will seamlessly connect a delivery driver and a person wishing to ship something.

PockitShip is the brainchild of Steve Senkus, Founder of NonstopDelivery Inc., a leading nationwide transportation and logistics company whose clients include some of the largest retailers and e-commerce companies in the United States.

“I saw a huge problem in need of a solution. Shipping big items has been a huge hassle for individuals for many years,” said Senkus, CEO of PockitShip. “There was no simple way to connect individuals wanting to ship their heavy goods with delivery services. Now we have the technology, delivery network and infrastructure to make it easy for everyone, whether you’re shipping something across town or across the country.

“We’re fundamentally a personal, on-demand delivery service,” added Senkus, a 21-year veteran of the shipping industry. “We take the pain out of shipping and make sure it’s done right.”

PockitShip has already attracted over $1 million in start-up funding, including an investment from the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in Herndon, Virginia.

“With PockitShip, Steve Senkus has introduced a simple but innovative idea that will disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry, creating opportunities for both consumers and retail marketers alike,” said Pete Jobse, President and CEO of CIT, which invests in promising businesses. “These are the type of people and companies we look to invest in.”

PockitShip is targeting sellers on Craigslist, eBay and other virtual marketplaces, as well as retailers that sell heavy items, such as appliances, fitness equipment and furniture, but don’t offer home delivery.

“We make it a lot easier for customers to get their big and heavy purchases home,” O’Shea said. “That has a lot of appeal to retailers.”

PockitShip has established a network of delivery professionals in the DC area. In coming months, the company will sign on additional drivers to expand the service and enter other markets across the nation. Customers will be able to rate drivers, allowing PockitShip to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

PockitShip will seek additional investment to fuel its expansion in 2016. O’Shea, who brings more than 17 years of experience as a marketing executive, sees tremendous growth ahead.

“We’ve already heard from a number of retailers that are eager to sign on,” O’Shea said. “We also foresee considerable demand from consumers, especially from people selling on Craigslist and eBay. How many people are holding onto furniture, antiques and exercise equipment because they had no easy way to ship it to a buyer? How many people want to move a bedroom set from one apartment to another, but can’t find an affordable mover, and don’t want to deal with U-Haul or bother their friends? PockitShip changes all of that.”

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