Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SoHo Cafe & Market Breakfast Review

They say breakfast is "the most important meal of the day," and SoHo Cafe & Market offers a modest buffet with some early AM options for the oft-forgotten stretch of Connecticut Avenue in between Calvert Street and Florida Avenue, NW.

One doesn't (or shouldn't) expect miracles; but that doesn't excuse SoHo Cafe & Market from making a better effort... even if it's after 9:00 AM. Price isn't a problem ($5.99/lb., $3.49 including tax for the plate shown above) but quality and temperature was. Atmosphere too, where even the sweet smell of pancake syrup can't make up for an otherwise miserable setting (no music, stale, warm hot.)

Fear not, it's relatively clean inside (not necessarily a foregone conclusion in small buffet restaurants) but even the friendliest critic (not me) would have a hard time dining-in comfortably at SoHo. Pickings at the buffet are thin (no bacon = not cool) but there were at least four different kinds of potato and a generous assortment of thick pork sausage links. Said links were steeped in maple glaze (too sweet for me) but tasty all the same. Ditto for scrambled eggs and tater tots, although they were almost ice cold. An hour earlier, and this review could have been a heck of a lot different better. That said, don't serve it... if it's not (as) fresh/good anymore.

Credit SoHo Cafe & Market with good value (those links were nice & big) and good customer service (at least from my cashier.) The unnamed young lady couldn't have been nicer; but then again, her male counterpart (on the other side) couldn't have been less interested or polite. Everything boils down to location and timing, doesn't it? Toss in consistency too. I'll be back; but rest assured, I'll keep my expectations in check.