Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beefsteak Vegetables Take Over PEPE Food Truck

From our friends at Beefsteak...

Veggies Are Unleashed at This Sunday’s Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Farmer’s Market with Complimentary Samples of Beefsteak’s Fall Menu

The Beefsteak Veggies have been truly unleashed in Washington, DC, taking over the PEPE Food Truck and heading to this weekend’s Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market. Sources say that their newly-renamed Beefsteak Veggie Truck will be serving samples of Beefsteak’s fall menu including the BEETsteak Sandwich (featuring “#theotherredmeat”) and the Carrot Miso Soup. The truck was last spotted with the Eggplant at the wheel yelling out, “The veggie life chose me!!” as he sped down Constitution Avenue, NW.


The veggies will park the hijacked PEPE Food Truck at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market and provide tastes of the Beefsteak fall menu items.

Beefsteak is open seven days a week, 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM

The truck is expected to be at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market from 10 AM - NOON on Sunday, November 22. This Sunday kicks off the annual food drive to benefit DC Central Kitchen and Iona Senior Services.

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