Friday, October 30, 2015

Our Brand is Crisis Movie Review

Sandra Bullock & Joaquim de Almeida (r) star in Our Brand is Crisis

Calamity Jane

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: Sandra Bullock stars in this political comedy drama from Warner Bros. and director David Gordon Green, and inspired by the 2005 documentary of the same name, an expose of a bungled American election campaign in South America.

'Tis the season for political races (cue chagrin) but do we really need another reason not to vote? Green's Our Brand is Crisis spends most of its time degrading the "flea-infested electorate" otherwise known as Bolivia, while surrounding Bullock with trivial co-stars and situations. Bullock's good (again) but her character can't seem to decide if she's Carol Burnett or a sage political strategist. It's OK for a minute or two, but dreadfully uninspired after her umpteenth faux pas or tumble. Ditto for the election's (predictable) outcome, and its awkwardly heavy-handed aftermath. Rock the Vote? Why even bother anymore?