Thursday, August 20, 2015

Libertine Food Review

Bistro Burger

There's an inherent risk to ordering food to go (or for delivery.) Some foods are more forgiving (i.e. pizza) and others downright dangerous (especially burgers.) Unfortunately, no matter how good your courier is ... and Caviar is very good, some restaurants think it's OK to ruin your food, send it, and hope/trust that you won't do anything about it. Case in point: Libertine in nearby Adams Morgan. Tonight's Bistro Burger ($15 with fries) was dead on arrival; but truth be told, a burger this burnt shouldn't have made it past the trash bin... yet alone found its way into a styrofoam container, en route to a paying customer.

To be fair, I had low expectations to start with. Libertine is known for drinks, specifically absinthe; but you'd like to think anyone could cook a decent burger, if you paid them to. I asked for a MEDIUM burger with no cheese, but received an ultra well-done in it's place. It was literally covered in dark char (not just one side) the kind of char that doesn't even chip away, when you touch it. God only knows how long the cook left it on the grill.

Ultra well-done (AKA burnt.)

Too bad, since the bun was nicely grilled with two strips of crisp, salty bacon, and an assortment of low-quality toppings (wilted lettuce, two thin slices of tomato, a few strands of red onion and a couple of flavorless pickles.) Did I mention it cost 15 bucks? Taste was awful... Burnt and dry with zero spices. At least the shoestring fries were tasty, even though they were soggy from the trip (as one would expect, no worries.)

Any good news? Sure. I didn't add an order of Spicy Cilantro Wings for $12 (I removed it from the cart, at the last minute.) Other than that, nada. Two lackluster bites and a few decent, albeit limp fries for $15 + tax/delivery/service charges and an extra $2 tip (it was raining.) "Happy" Thursday night to me.

Burger: F (Just think, that cook is still making burgers... even as I write this.)
Fries: B- (Pretty tasty, despite being lukewarm and wet. Go figure.)
Toppings: D- (OK bacon... Everything else = very subpar.)
Value: F (Did I mention it cost $15?)
Overall: F (You were expecting better? Fat chance.)