Saturday, July 25, 2015

Viva Diva Moscato Colada Wine Review

Viva Diva Moscato Colada

Let's Escape

Capsule Review: "If you like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain," you might just like Viva Diva Wines' Moscato Colada. When it comes to wine, I prefer reds (merlots specifically) but even I liked the playfully sweet combo of coconut and pineapple, especially since it's a sparkling wine. The grapes come from Piedmont, Italy with natural coconut and pineapple flavors added in. Don't be fooled: It's still pretty sweet (perhaps best, if mixed with cocktails) but not as sweet as most Moscato wines (i.e. Barefoot Moscato.) As is, it's a nice alternative to champagne... especially for daytime gatherings (it has an ABV of only 6%, about half the amount in most wines.) You can order it from for just $9.99 per bottle, and it's available in five other flavors (see below.) On a side note, I've had a crush on Christina Milian (co-owner of Viva Diva Wine) for years now... What a shame, there's not a photo of her on the bottle (wink.)

Capsule Review

From our friends at Viva Diva Wines...

Labor Day weekend is the last big holiday of the summer and is a popular weekend for cookouts, weekend getaways and pool parties. To celebrate these last few days of summer, you will need to start planning a Labor Day party for your friends, family and neighbors.

Nothing goes together quite like a nice glass of Viva Diva Wine and a deliciously aged slice of cheese. Show your love for this fabulous pairing by hosting your Labor Day party with your favorite wine-obsessed friends. The best wine and cheese parties are those that encourage the guests to interact by bringing their favorite wine for all guests to sample, and to learn more about different wines and cheeses. Viva Diva Wine is sure to pair with any cheeses you choose, and is sure to please your guest’s palates at your very special end of the summer party.

Christina Milian

Viva’s delicious flavors include mango, pineapple and coconut, peach, pomegranate, raspberry, and strawberry. These fruit-infused Moscato wines allow your true inner diva to come out. Christina Milian, the wildly talented singer, actress and entrepreneur, owns Viva Diva Wines along with her Mother/manger, Carmen Milian and publicist, Robyn Santiago. These three female owners have taken Viva Diva Wines to incredible heights and national levels.