Monday, July 13, 2015

SoHo Cafe & Market Food Review II

SoHo Cafe & Market fills a niche along Connecticut Avenue, NW (near Florida Avenue) for folks in need of a quick bite. The food is far from memorable (standard fare, buffet-style) but it's reasonably priced, and the location (especially for nearby hotel visitors) close to ideal.

Arriving early helps (the hot food bar looks great, just before 11 AM) but even then, some items are almost cold. Namely Orange Chicken, which lacked flavor (and heat.) SoHo's Spicy Wings look sensational; but they're overcooked, over-sticky, and far from spicy. They're also light on meat, despite their size (mostly bone.)

Thankfully, SoHo's Hot Italian Sausage is worth the price of admission, all by itself... Piping hot, bursting with flavor and covered in rich sauce and sliced onions. Visible spices not only look the part, but taste it too. Price is fair ($3.15, including tax for one well-sized wing, three pieces of Orange Chicken and two slices of sausage) and service... sufficient (no goodbye from the manager/owner, despite looking right at me.) There's a generous row of tables behind the buffet; but my overall impression of the space was cramped.

They serve sandwiches too; and I promise to return, to evaluate their breakfast buffet. Their website is terrible (no menu, prices, etc.) and looks unfinished. Why bother doing one, in the first place? Less than impressive, but on par with my expectations. Bottom line? Don't go, unless you have to: There's plenty of better-tasting (and equally affordable) options, a block further down the Avenue.