Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ Food Review II

"Broasted" Chicken

It's been just over a month, since we christened Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ Best Barbecue in the DMV. 40 days to be exact. Not an eternity mind you, especially with my schedule; but long enough to build up an intense desire to return. Yesterday was D-Day (the D stands for delectable, delicious or dynamite... take your pick) and I made the five-mile trek (roundtrip, on foot) to collect what others might consider a "simple" order of "Broasted" Chicken. For the record, there's nothing simple about the best-tasting healthy chicken you may have in your entire life. Add Best Chicken to the Fuchs' ever-growing list of culinary accolades.

What makes last night's dinner even more impressive (yes, it's possible) is the fact that I ate it all "as is," without the requisite reheating process that ensures Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ's unrivaled quality. Instructions are included with every order; but how could I further delay the inevitable carnage that was about to happen? Over an hour had elapsed (I'm becoming a slow walker) but even the Texas Sidewinders/Fries were still hot & tasty. Uniquely shaped, they greatly benefit from the pressure fryer in which they're prepared. For the record, they don't need ketchup, salt or other spices either. Just start gobbling.

Premium packaging

In addition to a generous number of fries, this meal includes a "taste" portion of Apple Slaw (yummy) as well as a mountain of juicy, succulent fried broasted chicken. According to their website, it's "One half-chicken, broasted and served with white bread" for only $10.99, but I've purchased whole birds elsewhere, that don't have half as much gusto and (perhaps more importantly) meat. In case you don't remember our first review (don't feel bad... it's been 40 days) broasting is a healthier alternative to frying. It combines broiling and roasting to secure a similar crispiness to frying, only with tons more flavor. The process is somewhat of a rarity (especially here in the U.S.) and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Let's start with the perfect leg, still warm to the touch, surprisingly delicate and literally bursting with flavor (skin and meat.) Think KFC (with less than half the calories) and no crunch. I hold the Colonel in high regard; but if KFC is "finger lickin' good," then Back Alley BBQ makes you want to devour the finger, not just lick it. You get four pieces total; but meat lovers will go crazy with the breast... exceptionally well-seasoned like the rest, but packed with enough meat to feed two (all by itself.) Honest to God, there's more meat (super juicy meat, BTW) in this single piece, than a full rotisserie bird at your local grocer. Outside of Korean chicken (twice-fried, how do you compete with that?) there may not be a better-tasting way of cooking chicken (than broasting.)

Back Alley BBQ advertises, "Paying homage to pitmasters and their craft." Food this good isn't homage... It's a blessing (for us.) Two perfect visits sets a mighty high bar; but something tells me, these Pitmasters extraordinaire aren't ever going to let me down. The pressure's on... Time to broast!

Don't forget: Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ highly recommends calling in your order(s) as early as possible. As word gets out about this amazing eatery (AU's nearby... lots of hungry, smart college students) demand increases, and the Fuchs refuse to cut corners. This means short supplies of amazing food. Even though the employees are super nice on the phone, no one wants to hear, "We're out of this or that." Call (202) 350-9791 to place an order. They're open 5-9:30 PM Monday-Friday, 11 AM - 9:30 PM Saturday (busy, busy) and 3-8 PM Sundays.