Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Way Gourmet Deli Food Review

Roast Beef Hot Panini

Man doesn't live on Subway alone, especially with all its bad ink of late. Time to explore other options? You betcha. One of the newest, My Way Gourmet Deli recently opened just north of Dupont Circle; and after a long walk to and from Georgetown, I couldn't resist stopping in for a late lunch. It's a modest shop with soothing music, solid (if not spectacular) customer service and a (hopefully) temporary sign atop the old (Mourayo) awning. Not exactly perfect, but if the food's good... I'll bite. Thankfully it is; and the potential is there for "keeper status."

The menu is relatively limited (eight sandwiches, five paninis, six salads, soup) but let's be honest... how much more do you really need? More importantly, they offer five different breads (White, Whole Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, & Focaccia) and the ability to "fine-tune" as needed. All sammies come with your choice of chips (1 oz. bags of Utz) or an apple. Fountain drinks are a steal (compared to the competition) at just $1.69.

Regular sandwiches run $6.89 (for 6") $10.89 (for 12") and Hot Paninis will set you back $7.89. Not bad, considering you get chips too. I placed an order for a Roast Beef panini without cheddar cheese, on rye bread. As for toppings, it comes with tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and a rich (very tasty) sundried tomato pesto. Even without cheese, it comes out nice and creamy... Not dry at all.

Dining in, you'll find a total of four small tables with a short counter (seats three) at the front. Eating up front offers a great view of a bustling Connecticut Avenue sidewalk; and the staff delivers your food to your table (nice.) The sandwich comes wrapped in nondescript wax paper, but once it's opened... prepare to be impressed.

The roast beef is excellent quality, and the rye bread... almost to die for. The aforementioned pesto is Heavenly as well; and the addition of hot & sweet peppers, a smart move if you like things "spicy." More tomatoes would be nice (I suppose you can always ask) but tossing olive oil into the mix, is a stroke of genius. It's flat (after all, it's a panini) but darn tasty.

Great music, such as "Gemini" by What So Not (featuring George Maple) rounds out an impressive debut, one that guarantees further review(s.) My Way delivers too, and stays open late (11 PM, Sunday - Thursday, and 2 AM on Friday and Saturdays.) I suppose Ol' Blue Eyes would be on board, as well.