Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Movie Review

Rebecca Ferguson & Tom Cruise (r) star in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Yes, That's True

IMDb Plot: Ethan (Tom Cruise) and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate - an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF. Co-starring Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

"I've heard stories: They can't all be true." When it comes to Ethan Hunt, they are (and more.) Cruise can do no wrong in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, a spellbinding summer blockbuster that's just a notch below the rest of the series. Ethan's team is waning (Renner's boring, Rhames is old) but Pegg takes up the slack with countless laughs, "Change of plan: Throw her out!" while Ferguson (Jackie Bisset reincarnated) delivers just the right amount of everything else (Yes, I'm in love.) Expect amazing stunts, exotic locales (Casablanca, Vienna) and one of the best motorcycle chases ever. Encore! Encore!