Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crime Museum Adds to Collection from Aurora Theater Shooting

From our friends at the Crime Museum...

The Crime Museum, Located in Washington DC, Has Acquired Items That One of the Theater Shooting Victims Wore During the Shooting

Last week the jury in the trial of James Holmes found him guilty on all counts of first-degree murder, helping bring some closure to the surviving victims and families. Working with one of the survivors, the National Museum of Crime & Punishment has acquired the jacket and purse worn during the vicious attack. The items will be put on display at the Crime Museum, in keeping the museum’s mission to stay as current as possible.

“We always try to work with victims whenever possible to share their stories and experiences,” states Janine Vaccarello, chief operating officer of the Crime Museum. “We are thankful that we are able to work with this survivor and keep victims at the forefront of what happened at the theater that night.”

The jacket and purse were worn by Carli Richards, who was in the theater that night and survived the attack. Her jacket is riddled with bird shot pellet holes on the right shoulder and arm, some of which remained for two years before being removed. After the attack, Carli suffered emotionally as well as physically with anxiety and flashbacks and understandably has trouble getting back to everyday life.

“Oftentimes survivors fall through the cracks, people focus on the crime and criminal but forget what the surviving victims go through,” says Vaccarello, “they are blessed to be alive, but with that gift there is still much healing to get through.”

James Holmes entered the Aurora, Colorado theater on July 20, 2012, during a midnight showing of the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in order to carry out a planned attack on those watching the movie. Using multiple guns and tear gas, his actions left 12 people dead and 70 injured.
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