Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 National Maker Faire Photo Recap

3-D printed Shelby Cobra from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

It's only fitting that the University of the District of Columbia should host "a meeting of the minds," especially one as impressive as the inaugural National Maker Faire. The two-day festival concluded today with huge crowds on the UDC campus. A myriad of exhibitors and inventors were on hand to entertain and wow visitors, including reps from Boogie BoardsDC Robotics and dozens more. It looks like the Maker Faire is here to stay: Long live innovation

Boogie Board eWriters

Hands-on with Boogie Boards

Cornell Engineering

R2-D2 deconstructed

DC Virtual Reality

Catylator Makerspace

Kid Museum

Drone Flight Exhibit

LEGOs anyone?

Good Eats: Food Truck Caravan