Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Love & Mercy Movie Review

Paul Dano (r) stars in Love & Mercy

Lonely, Scared, Frightened

IMDb Plot: In the 1960s, Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson (Paul Dano) struggles with emerging psychosis as he attempts to craft his avant-garde pop masterpiece. In the 1980s, he (John Cusack) is a broken, confused man under the 24-hour watch of shady therapist Dr. Eugene Landy (Paul Giamatti.)

Dano's Brian asks, "What if I lose it, and never get it back?" Ominous words, but sadly fortuitous in Bill Pohlad's Love & Mercy. Dano & Cusack take turns bringing Brian to life, drawing a colorful picture of genius, madness and uncertainty. Dano's portrayal is more fun to watch, especially as he composes music without words; but Cusack adds charm and vulnerability to the mix, which plays especially well against the devilishly delightful Giamatti (fantastic as Brian's quack doctor.) The final half hour plays heavy; but there's no denying the film's many "good vibrations," including Dano's Oscar-worthy performance.