Saturday, June 20, 2015

King Georges Movie Review

The Lucky Cobbler

AFI Docs Plot: After 40 years in business, five-star French restaurant Le Bec-Fin, a longtime bastion of the Philadelphia culinary scene, is facing the end. Times and tastes have changed, and its owner and master chef, Georges Perrier, is getting older. Perrier, however, remains fiercely dedicated to his work. Take an intimate look at a legendary restaurant and its passionate leader who must cope with the inevitability of change and passing the torch to his talented protégé.

Perfection comes with a price; so it stands to reason that "a real, true French restaurant," one that ruled the roost for four decades... would cost a lot. That's the case with Le Bec-Fin, AKA Perrier's "wife, business and burden." Georges reminds us, it's all about "quality, service and perfection," and Erika Frankel's splendid doc shows King Georges in all his (oft-tyrannical) glory. He's charming (to a fault) yet relentless, stubborn and quick to anger. In other words, wildly entertaining. Expect lots of cursing/yelling, but some tender moments too (specifically with protege Nicholas Elmi.) Chaotic, fun and saucy... Hallelujah!