Saturday, May 2, 2015

Flower Mart 2015 - Day 1 Photo Recap


Fresh off celebrating its 75th anniversary last year, the Washington National Cathedral Flower Mart opened yesterday to another day of beautiful weather, big crowds and tons of kids activities on the grounds of the National Cathedral. This year's festival puts the spotlight on Asian culture, featuring dance, flowers, food and music from 23 different Asian countries. Also new, the Grotesque Walk ($5) which allows visitors a close-up inspection of the Cathedral's many gargoyles and grotesques.

The vaunted Tower Climb ($10) returns, as visitors are allowed to climb all 333 steps (about 300') to the tip-top of the Cathedral and its bell-ringing chamber. Acrophobics should think twice, before taking part (open spiral stairs = kinda scary.) There's also an Iron Florist Competition scheduled between 11 and 11:45 AM. Day two begins today at 10 AM, and runs through 5 PM. The weather forecast calls for mostly sunny skies (20% chance of rain) and a high of 75°. In other words... perfect.

NCS/STA Middle School Co-Ed Choir

Terry Bender, Organ Grinder


Batter Dipped Oreos

St. Albans Cafe

Open City Coffehouse & Cafe

Whirly Bird

Turbo Tubs


Pirate's Revenge

Ben's Chili Bowl