Saturday, May 30, 2015

Photo Recap: Awesome Con - Day 2

Awesome Con shifted into fifth gear today, as the big guns (and even bigger crowds) came out to play. That included the undeniable star of stars, William Shatner, whose Q&A appearance in cavernous Hall E drew several thousand fans. That's about several thousand people too many for yours truly; but thankfully, there was tons more to do and see, as evidenced by the following photo recap. There's still time to catch Star Trek's George Takei, The Karate Kid's Ralph Macchio and others tomorrow (the final day of Awesome Con.) Click here to purchase tickets.

Michael Biehn Q&A

Front of a very long line for Bill Shatner

Game Room!

Take Your Photo with Indy

Darth Vader... just chillin'

Artist Regina Holliday

The Geek Balloonist

Sean Astin at The Lord of the Rings Q&A

John Rhys-Davies at The Lord of the Rings Q&A

Minions on the loose!

Doodle! Scribble! Draw!

Pro Wrestling Today: AwesomeMania III (18+)