Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jimmy John's Food Review

Big John Combo

Jimmy John's claims they're "freaky fast," and sure enough, sandwiches are prepared very quickly. But, is faster better? Not necessarily, especially when it comes at the expense of friendliness and "toastiness."

I stopped by earlier this evening (just after 6) and was the only customer. Not much of a greeting (no hello, no "How are you?") but to his credit, the cashier sold me on a combo (a measly $.13 savings.) I placed an order for the Big John, one of seven 8" sub sandwich options; and asked for no mayo with hot cherry peppers. I took a seat at a table in the back (it's a relatively small space, three tables) and only had to wait a couple of minutes for my sandwich. Unfortunately, Jimmy John's doesn't toast their sandwiches, which is a shame since their French bread would taste a lot better hot. P.S. The employee who assembled my sandwich, placed it on the counter without saying a word, even though I thanked her and remarked how fast she was. Three employees, one customer and very, very few words. Hospitality = zero. Chances I'll ever return to this JJ's? Zero.

Community Events... Time for an update

The sandwich was pretty good (love the hot peppers) although there was a lot more shredded lettuce than roast beef. It looks better in the sandwich; but trust me, the roast beef didn't reach the other side of the bread. I'm OK with cold roast beef; but obviously toasted is better. While I'm at it, I wish the sandwiches were cut in half as well (I'll be sure to ask next time.) Chips are kettle cooked (100% peanut oil) tasty, and larger than the competition's bags (2.125 oz.)

Atmosphere is below average. The Community Event board featured a large poster for an event that ended three weeks ago; and the bathroom doors sport stick figures holding their privates. Yuck. At least the A/C was cold, and the music (although played at a high volume) to my liking... The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary." No wi-fi either.

So there you have it. My first visit to Jimmy John's fell short of satisfactory. Toss in those annoying radio commercials, where the announcers talk super-fast, and I can safely say I won't be in a hurry to return. The price is OK (8" subs cost $5.49, and a combo runs you $8.34 + tax) but I'd rather stop into Quiznos, Potbelly or Subway and buy a toasted sandwich (and hopefully a friendly word or two.)

Grade: D