Tuesday, May 12, 2015

City Place Cafe Breakfast Review

Daily Breakfast Special

Another day, another breakfast... this time at City Place Cafe, near the corner of 17th & L Streets, NW. Service was quick and friendly with plenty of food at a fair price; but those in search of something special, should keep on looking.

I purchased a Daily Breakfast Special for $5.39 + tax. It's standard fare: Two eggs any style, your choice of bacon, ham or sausage with home fried potatoes and toast. The restaurant was quite clean, and the A/C was on full blast (nice!) I opted for scrambled eggs, sausage and white toast. Five minutes later, my order was ready (packaged to go.)

My first reactions were mixed. On the positive side, there was plenty of visible steam (hot food = good.) On the other, sausage & skin-on potatoes does not a pretty plate make. Toast was unevenly buttered with very little to begin with. Most cooks butter toast as an afterthought; and often miss the toast almost entirely. My advice? Slow down, and apply it slowly or better yet... Why not provide two or three pads of butter instead, and let us do it?

Sausage patties were generously sized, but clearly microwaved (thus greasy) and laden with salt. Meanwhile, the eggs were starving for some kind of seasoning, and overcooked. Last, and certainly least... the home fried potatoes were ugly to look at (I'd ditch the skin, and cube/season with some colorful/flavorful spices) but at least they were tender and well-cooked. Overall, a painfully pedestrian breakfast.

City Place Cafe earns points for cleanliness, service and speed; but the food is utterly unremarkable, and close to bad in some respects. It's just breakfast, so I won't dismiss them outright; but (next up) lunch better be good, if they want me to return again.