Monday, May 11, 2015

Blaze Pizza Food Review II

Build Your Own featuring Italian Sausage & Smoked Ham

It's safe to say I've tried a lot of different pizzas over the past few years; but few surpass the ones served at Blaze Pizza for taste, value and (after a third visit) consistency. Earlier today, I anointed (via Twitter) Blaze tops in fast casual pizza. Here's why...

Blaze makes the most of its tucked away (almost serene) location inside Westfield Montgomery. There's plenty of seating, including a cozy patio outside; and individual restrooms to boot. Service remains top notch with warm welcomes and a genuine desire to prepare your pies with careful hands and... dare I say, a touch of love. Three trips, and I've yet to feel rushed at any stage of the ordering process. There's plenty of available ingredients, and they're applied with generous hands. Best of all, said ingredients are clearly labeled (what a concept!) on the glass counter.

Blood Orange Lemonade

I decided to Build Your my Own, opting for one of Blaze's 11" classic dough pies with spicy red sauce, ovalini (fresh mozzarella) cheese, Italian sausage, smoked ham, red onions, red peppers and oregano. You gets lots of everything; and it's cooked in no time flat: I only had to wait less than five minutes, this time around. Build Your Own pies cost a mere $7.65 and come with unlimited toppings. Fountain drinks are cheap as well (only $1.95) and I settled on Blood Orange Lemonade (delicious.)

My pie was literally steaming, once I got back to my table. The crust is extra crispy and extra thin (almost like a hot cracker) yet still folds easily (NY-style.) Nothing beats fresh mozzarella, and the sausage/ham couldn't be better. Blaze Pizza's sauce (a true spicy... imagine that) is without equal, and did I mention it's 11"? Seriously, what more could you want?

Dining in at Blaze is a treat as well. You get nice music (California Nights by Best Coast, Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse) sterling service and a cozy atmosphere, on top of a great deal. Hands down, the best fast casual pizza in the DMV, and one of my favorite places to eat lunch. Bon app├ętit.