Friday, April 17, 2015

Tango Glories Movie Review

Silvina Valz and Oliver Kolker (r) star in Tango Glories

Put on Your Tango Face

IMDb Plot: A patient (Héctor Alterio) expresses himself using the lyrics and titles of tango songs as a result of a post traumatic stress disorder discovered by a psychiatrist (Gastón Pauls.)

Oliver Kolker's Tango Glories starts off slow; but takes off midway through, and never looks back. It's funny, romantic and sentimental... with lots of tango dancing in between. Steely-eyed Fermin remarks, "The history of tango will be written by itself," yet it's Kolker (a skilled dancer himself) who spins a yarn for the ages. Pauls steals the movie as Ezequiel, a dedicated, soft-spoken doctor who falls in love with Fermin's feisty granddaughter (Italian beauty Antonella Costa.) Emilio Disi delights as the elder Centipedes; and I absolutely loved Ezequiel's mom, especially on a surprise "cleaning day." A joy to behold.