Saturday, April 18, 2015

Embassy of Turkey Hosts 5-Day Photo Exhibit at Georgetown University's ICC

From our friends at the Embassy of Turkey...

The Embassy of Turkey Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Çanakkale/Gallipoli Battles at Georgetown University Photo Exhibition

“Road to Peace Out of War” 5-Day Exhibition Commemorates World War I Battles and Enduring Friendship of Nations

The Embassy of Turkey will host a 5-day photography exhibition commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Çanakkale/Gallipoli Battles between Monday, April 20th and Friday, April 24th at Georgetown University’s Intercultural Center Galleria.

A century ago, English, French and the “Anzac Forces” made up of Australian and New Zealander soldiers landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey setting off battles that would continue for nine months, leading to 500,000 casualties. The exhibition will feature archival photos from the war front and highlight the amazing stories of bravery, sacrifice and nation-building that have helped create friendly relations between former enemies of World War I.

“Çanakkale Battles was a turning point in World War I, particularly for Turkey, Australia and New Zealand whose modern identities were built from the ashes of this conflict and who have since developed peaceful, lasting friendships. This exhibition honors the memory and the sacrifices of all brave soldiers who were from different nations but laid to their eternal rest side by side in the same land.” said Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç. “We will share a message of hope, friendship and international peace through the powerful and compelling images captured a century ago of events.”

100th Anniversary of Çanakkale/Gallipoli Battles will be commemorated around the world with exhibitions, conferences, and other special events. In Turkey, an international commemoration ceremony will be held with the participation of heads of state and  government and other officials at the Çanakkale Martyr’s Monument on April 24th, 2015.

Attendance is free. The event will be open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.