Friday, April 3, 2015

Counter Culture Coffee "CCCXX" 20th Anniversary Limited-Release Coffee Now Available

Photo: Christy Baugh

From our friends at Counter Culture Coffee...

Indie coffee roaster Counter Culture Coffee is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a limited-release, single-origin coffee called CCCXX, available today through June ($15.75/12oz. bag). The coffee is a modern interpretation of a classic Counter Culture flavor profile that speaks to the company’s past, present, and future commitment to quality and sustainability - and is just one of the ways Counter Culture will celebrate this momentous year.

The CCCXX limited-release is an organic, direct trade single-origin coffee from Hacienda El Roble - one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable coffee farms - in Bucaramanga, Colombia, that’s intentionally roasted to highlight enduring, well-loved flavors: sweetness above all, over a round, plush body with notes of vanilla, nougat and caramel.

Counter Culture Coffee first bought coffee from Hacienda El Roble about 10 years ago. Back then, it was the perfect coffee to represent their line of shade-grown coffees from Latin America, which they launched in the late 1990s to raise awareness of the destruction of migratory bird habitats and loss of biodiversity associated with coffee production practices (the company was an early leader and advocate in the bird-friendly coffee movement). From its inception, Counter Culture has believed in sourcing delicious coffees from farms with a demonstrated commitment to the health of the natural environment. It was coffee from farms like Hacienda El Roble that helped to propel Counter Culture’s growth, and today, the company is proud to work with some of the most progressive and environmentally responsible farms in the coffee trade.

Coffee buyers at Counter Culture encourage growers with whom they work to practice organic agriculture on their farms and supports farms and co-ops willing to pursue organic certification. Eighty-five percent of the coffee that Counter Culture purchases is certified organic, and they are constantly working to increase that percentage.

The CCCXX coffee is one in a year-round series of limited-release coffees, aka short-run seasonal offerings. Each coffee will be available for a limited time and all will come in Counter Culture's in-house designed and recyclable paper box, which is perfect for gifts.

The news of the CCCXX release comes on the heels of other exciting announcements from Counter Culture:

•  20th Anniversary Community Block Party on Saturday, April 18th, in homebase Durham, NC, with live music all day by The Love Language, Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Loamlands, and The Human Eyes.

•  Bay Area Roastery and Training Center to open April 25th in Emeryville, CA, just outside of San Francisco

•  Charleston Training Center to open in early summer

•  Los Angeles Training Center opening in Silver Lake this winter

About Counter Culture Coffee:
Since 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has been dedicated to finding and bringing to market the most delicious coffees in the world. The North Carolina-based roaster sources its beans from farmers with whom they build long-term relationships, and offers coffee at the peak of freshness and flavor. The company's vision is to pursue coffee perfection by developing partnerships dedicated to environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain - from farmers to consumers - and by creating cutting-edge coffee people through their Counter Intelligence coffee education curriculum. Counter Culture Coffee is served in the country's top restaurants and coffee shops, and is also available at specialty grocers and online - with subscription options - at