Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Perfect Pita Food Review

The Gyro

I'm a sucker for The Shops at 2000 Penn. Perhaps its the stately brick interior, or the copious number of popular (but not too popular) eateries. It could also have to do with fond memories: 2000 Penn used to house Tower Records-Video-Books, one of my favorite shops from college and beyond. Today's review however, is for The Perfect Pita, one of those aforementioned dining spots that continues to produce affordable food quickly, and with a smile.

I'll break this review into two parts (from two separate visits.) The first is for the above-pictured Gyro, a $6.49 value if ever there was one. The Gyro is advertised as "Juicy, perfectly seasoned meat tucked inside our fresh Perfect Pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and our 2 oz. tzatziki on the side." Sounds delicious; but "juicy, perfectly seasoned meat" might be stretching the truth just a little. The meat is tasty, but like most gyro meats... far from juicy (and closer to dry.) Toppings are generous and pretty fresh, although I would have loved a few more tomatoes.

9" Red Pizza

You definitely get your money's worth as well. I had a difficult time finishing it all by myself. There's plenty of meat, and I was stuffed afterwards. Perfect for college kids; and how convenient... It's smack dab in the middle of the George Washington University city campus.

My second visit was for yet another college staple, pizza. The Perfect Pita's pies are 9" and covered in cheese. It's a little bigger than a Celeste Pizza for One, but I must admit... it's awfully boring (at least for a pizza.) Their Red Pizza touts "traditional homemade pizza sauce," but mine had little to none of it. At least the crust was well-cooked, but equally unremarkable. Overall, fine for a hungry collegian, but barely passable for me. I managed to finish half of it, before throwing in the towel.

Final impressions? Perfect Pita is far from perfect; but it's affordable, centrally located and generous (assuming you're not too picky about quality.) They offer chicken and steak toppings, in addition to pepperoni; and at least eight different pitas. Service is friendly (without going overboard) and pretty fast: I could easily see myself coming here once a week, if I lived/worked nearby. As is, you won't hear any (major) complaints from me.