Friday, March 13, 2015

Run All Night Movie Review

Liam Neeson stars in Run All Night

Jimmy the Gravedigger 

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: Liam Neeson reunites with Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra for Run All Night, a Warner Bros. thriller following a mob hit-man and his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman) as they flee the wrath of a vengeful crime boss.

Neeson's Jimmy Conlon reminds us, "No sin goes unpunished," but the real sin would be missing Ireland's 62-year-old superhero kick butt for the umpteenth time. Yes, it's more of the same; but this time, Neeson is dangerous and flawed - a lethal combination, especially when he plays Bad Santa. The story's pretty original, and the action fast and furious... at least until the last 20 minutes or so. Kinnaman's boring (again) but Ed Harris and Common more than make up for it. Great chemistry between Harris & Neeson... perhaps even touching. Collet-Serra fills in the blanks, and Neeson shines again. Score!