Monday, March 30, 2015

Red Robin Burger Works Breakfast Review

5-Alarm Breakfast Sandwich

So far, Red Robin Burger Works is batting 1.000: On the heels of last week's stellar lunch on opening day, Burger Works served me a terrific breakfast this morning. Hands down, it's the best fast food breakfast sandwich in the DMV (by a country mile.) Cue Angels singing, etc. Burger Works looks like it's here to stay.

I was a little nervous going in. It was 10:20 AM, and I didn't know if breakfast stopped at 10 or 10:30: Lucky for me, it was the latter. Friendly cashier Tatrina welcomed me with a hearty "Good morning," and patiently waited as I struggled over what to order. A minute later (Tatrina was very patient) I asked for a 5-Alarm Breakfast Sandwich (scrambled eggs, sautéed onions, American cheese, savory sausage and fried jalapeños on a glorious Brioche bun... sans the cheese & onions.) This amazing full-sized sandwich costs only $3.49; but you can bump it up to a combo (Breakfast Potatoes and coffee) for a paltry $.93 more. Take that McDonald's!

Two interesting side notes. When I asked if I could omit the cheese & onions, Tatrina responded, "Of course, we want you to have it the way you want it." Perfect customer service! Second, there was some confusion on how to ring up the combo. Two managers came over, had a brief discussion, and fixed the problem in no time flat. One of the managers politely told me, "That saved you $.10." It may only be a dime; but it was priceless in my estimation. It also proves they want to get everything right, even the smallest of details.

I took a seat inside the still immaculate dining room, and kicked back to a perfect mix of relaxing, AM-appropriate music, including "This is the Way You Are" by Was A Bee & Mario Biondi. Before I knew it, my food was delivered straight to my table (by yet another smiling employee.) First impressions? Beautiful presentation. Burger Works' Breakfast Potatoes are actually tater tots, nicely cooked with just a hint of salt. They normally cost $1.99; and even at that price, they're a great deal. At half of $.93, they're a literal steal. P.S. No grease at all. Granted, it's early in the day; but color me impressed.

Burger Works' 5-Alarm Breakfast Sandwich may have been reduced to a three or four-alarmer (I passed on cheese & onions) but it still packed plenty of kick, thanks in large part to the brilliant addition of fried jalapeños. They deliver massive crunch and heat to an already splendid combination. Egg patties are generously thick, and the sausage carries some kick of its own. Tucked inside a soft brioche bun, it's a wonder I didn't go back for seconds.

Truth be told, I was full; but it's hard to stop eating good food... especially in the morning. Including tax, the combo cost less than five bucks. How do you say no to that kind of value? Tatrina even offered to stamp my loyalty card (breakfast sandwiches count too... Cheers!) At this rate, that ninth hole punch is only a few days away. Perhaps I can use it for the adorable sounding Yawn Buster Burrito... or better yet, a Burnin' Love Burger for lunch. Decisions, decisions.

Red Robin Burger Works serves breakfast between 7-10:30 AM, Monday - Friday. Click here to see the full menu.