Friday, March 20, 2015

BONMi Food Review

Not all sandwiches are created (or priced) equally. BONMi serves Vietnamese Bánh Mì's... easily one of my new favorite sammies, but be forewarned: They ain't cheap. That said, you get what you pay for in this world; and even though it's a bit cost-prohibitive for every day, once or twice a month couldn't hurt.

BONMi made its mark as a food truck; but their brick & mortar is a lot better (especially after peak hours, i.e. 2:05 PM.) Ordering is, as you might expect, a little different. Start with your choice of sandwich, rice noodle or rice & quinoa bowl or a salad. Next, choose from five fillings (including chili garlic tofu, roasted pork or my choice... 18-hour beef brisket.) Add a sauce (six choices) and voila... Heaven on a plate.

Ordering isn't the only thing different at BONMi. All meats are prepared via sous-vide (under vacuum... sealed bags in water baths.) This results in incredibly moist, flavorful meats that beat the "you know what" out of processed ham, turkey, etc. My 18-Hour Beef ($10.50, not including chips and a drink) is the ultimate showcase for the sous-vide method. Paired with Red Curry sauce, pickled carrots, cucumbers, daikon and jalapeños, this sandwich had unrivaled kick (spicy, spicy) and texture. It's modestly sized (looks like 6") but comes smartly wrapped in wax paper, and disappears in a flash.

Krunchers! chips (30% less fat than regular potato chips) are unique and very tasty; and I love any place that serves ginger ale. One last comment on the sandwich itself... The beef catches your foremost attention; but wait a moment or two, so the spices have enough time to hit you. If you pace yourself properly, you can count on half-a-dozen explosions in your mouth before you're done. Try finding that at your local Subway.

Service is nothing short of amazing... from the order taker/sandwich assembler to cashier. It's relatively small inside, but still quite comfortable. Tables were thoroughly cleaned just seconds after a customer left. They have two individual restrooms, to boot, and seating outside for when the weather is nicer. Midway through my "sandwich nirvana," I was thrilled to hear U2's "With or Without You." Clearly, this is my kind of establishment. Clearly, it might be yours as well.