Friday, February 27, 2015

Tian Tian Fang Food Review

Orange Chicken

Few restaurants are as cozy and inviting as Tian Tian Fang, just south of Chevy Chase Circle. It's old-fashioned, yes; but service is impeccable and kindly. The food is above average, affordable and served in generous portions. What's not to like?

My aunt and I like to have lunch out once a week; and when I mentioned Chinese food yesterday, her eyes lit up. Tian Tian Fang, it is. As I said before, it's relatively old-fashioned; but that's what I find most appealing about it. Service isn't close to white glove, but it's quick and attentive. Wait times are minimal, and they know not to linger too long (most servers are so chatty nowadays, don't you think?) The decor is dated, yet functional. Seats are comfortable, and spacing between tables more than adequate.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

As for food, there are bargains to be had. Lunch specials include your choice of soup or vegetable spring roll. I went with Orange Chicken and a big bowl of Hot and Sour Soup (served with a generous amount of wonton crackers.) All that for just $8.75. Auntie ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken with a spring roll. Both orders come with steamed rice too. Arrive hungry: Portions are big.

Hot and Sour Soup

Vegetable spring rolls are tasty, and served with two sauces. I prefer mine crispier, but the flavor is spot on. Their Hot and Sour Soup arrived lukewarm (hotter please) but is surprisingly light on sodium: Is it possible that Tian Tian Fang offers healthy soup? Less oil, less salt = Very likely. Cracker lovers rejoice: You get a ton of 'em. In case you're curious... they're more addictive than potato chips.

Lots of crackers

Rice is steamed (although I wish I'd ordered brown) and goes well with everything. In this case, it's Orange Chicken... big chunks of chicken (white meat) drenched in a sweet and spicy orange peel sauce. Once again, it's light on saltiness but big on flavor. Nice and crispy too. On the other side of the table, auntie's Sweet and Sour Chicken was even better - smaller pieces, saltier and (of course) sweeter. It's also a more colorful plate of food. Bravo.

Vegetable Spring Roll

All in all, a terrific lunch. Even my fortune was apropos: May you have a good appetite. That's easy, when the food, price and surroundings are so good. Happy New Year (of the Goat.)


In a hurry? Tian Tian Fang offers "lunch box" specials for delivery or takeaway orders only. They range in cost between $6.95 & $8.95, and include an entree, rice, spicy chicken nuggets and soda. That's a deal! In an even bigger hurry? Call ahead (202) 244-3007.